Drywall Finishing and Texturing

Drywall finishing is the process of making separate pieces of drywall or patches look like one seamless piece of drywall, using drywall tape, drywall or spackle compounds, and various tools.  The quality of a drywall finishing job has the biggest impact on whether or not a drywall job looks good or not.  You can tear down a whole wall and rebuild it from scratch, adding complicated electrical wiring and plumbing and do it all perfectly, but if the drywall finishing wasn't done well, the whole job looks terrible.  You don't see all the work done inside the wall; you see the drywall.  Poorly finished drywall will stand out and tends to draw the eye, so it's critical to use an expert drywall finisher like the ones at Lubbock Drywall Contractors if you want your walls and ceilings to look their best.

Finishing drywall is an art that takes time to master.  It's one area we never recommend a homeowner attempt themselves unless they have a lot of experience doing it.  If it's poorly finished, it will have to be redone, and all the time spent finishing it the first time is wasted.  Our drywall experts have been finishing drywall for many years, and they've honed their drywall and sheetrock finishing skills to perfection.  They can give your drywall a perfectly smooth surface, in much less time than a DIYer can, and they will use less material doing it.  Using less drywall compound means each coat will dry faster, allowing them to apply multiple coats and still finish before an inexperienced drywall contractor might.

Drywall texturing is the process of applying a physical texture on top of finished drywall in order to give it a unique or patterned look.  You can add texture to drywall for multiple reasons.  You could use a drywall texture to give you a unique look that draws the eye and adds that custom touch to your space.  Alternatively, you can use texture to hide minor surface imperfections, especially on a surface painted with a higher gloss finish.  Glossier finishes, especially on ceilings, tend to make every imperfection stand out, so applying a texture to the surface is a good way to make the imperfections less noticeable.  When applying a drywall texture, it's important to ensure the texture is applied evenly.  This is a mistake we see most often with homeowners or inexperienced contractors who try to apply a drywall texture.  We have professional drywallers who can evenly apply a texture to any drywall surface you have.  We have multiple drywall textures available to get you exactly the look you're going for.

Whether you need drywall finishing or drywall texturing, rest assured that our experienced drywallers are trained and skilled in making your drywall look its best.  When you've got the best people with the best training and equipment, and combine that with world-class customer service, it's not that hard to be called the best drywall company in Lubbock.

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